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Creative exams
Entrance exams for applicants to the specialties of Architecture, Graphic and Multimedia Design, Fashion design: Illustration and Drawing.

According to the exam Illustration: the object of drawing is a composition of geometric shapes.

On the Drawing exam: according to the given two projections of the part, build a third projection and axonometry.
The object of drawing is a composition of geometric shapes.
Duration - 4 hours.
* Drawing is done in A3 format using lines and strokes in compliance with the rules and methods of drawing. The work is performed in the technique of tonal, perspective drawing.

The drawing of a composition of geometric shapes must meet the following requirements:
  • the correctly selected scale of the drawing in relation to the plane of the entire face;
  • the correct layout of the drawing on the sheet, i.e. the placement of the drawing within the boundaries of the format should be calm, balanced, compositionally integral;
  • the correct image of a linear perspective image of geometric shapes;
  • shading of light and shadow (to reveal the volume of the object's body).
The duration of the exam is 3 hours.

The applicant must have: pencils of hardness 2-N, 3-N, NI, I, the following drawing tools: a ruler, a square with angles of 30, 60 and 45 degrees, an eraser, a compass, a meter.

Exam subject requirements and evaluation criteria:
  • choose the right projection scale for the format;
  • correctly arrange projections on the projection planes of the sheet;
  • according to the given two projections of the part, build a third, imagine its shape as a whole and build axonometry;
  • choose the right thickness and type of drawing lines – the main line, secondary, measured.
Preparatory courses for creative exams
At the preparatory course they study drawing themes: layout, construction, light and shade development and Illustration themes: format, dimensions, basic views, isometric projection, section. The courses are held three times a week. A total of 12 classes.
· twice a week - drawing
· once a week - Technical Drawing

· Offline - 25,000.00 KZT
· Online - 16 000,00 KZT (online classes are held through Zoom and Whatsapp)
For competent preparation for creative exams, specially equipped studio classrooms with all the necessary equipment are used. The courses are taught by highly qualified practicing teachers of the Faculties of Architecture and Design of KazGASA.
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