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Founded in 2000
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Our educational programs

Graphic and multimedia design
Fashion design
and cartography
Construction and operation of buildings and structures
Admission rules
The College accepts citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens and stateless persons who have a document of education on basic secondary, secondary (general secondary, technical and vocational), after secondary. In KazGASA College, an admissions committee is created by the heads of the educational organization to accept applications for training, conduct entrance exams and enroll students, which begins its work no later than June 1.
Acceptance of documents
Acceptance of applications from June 25 to August 20
Acceptance of documents for creative specialties from June 25 to July 20
Entrance creative exams from July 21 to July 28
Enrollment for full-time education from August 25 to August 30
List of documents
  1. Document of education (certificate with an appendix - the original);
  2. Photo 3x4 - 6 pcs. (JPG photo on electronic media);
  3. Medical certificate in form No. 075-U, No. 063 with the application of fluorography;
  4. Certificate of attribution for young men (copy);
  5. Identity documents (svid. birth certificate or identity certificate (copy)
  6. Identity card of one of the parents (copy)
Entrance exams
Students entering the specialties "Architecture", "Graphic and multimedia design", "Fashion Design" take entrance exams creative exams.

In the form of exams on assessment subjects "3", "4", "5", the admission committee translates the results of the entrance exams into points on the following scale: score "3" - 8 points, "4" - 17 points, "5" - 25 points.

In order to ensure compliance with uniform requirements and resolve controversial issues when evaluating creative exams, protecting the rights of applicants, an appeals commission is being created at the college.

The composition of the appeal commission is approved by the head of the educational institution. The Commission consists of an odd number of members, including its Chairman. The decision of the appeal commission is considered competent if at least two thirds of its members are present at the meeting.

An applicant who does not agree with the results of creative exams has the right to appeal.

The appeal is submitted to the admissions committee before 13-00 hours of the next day after the announcement of the results of the entrance exams and after that is considered by the appeal commission with the participation of the applicant and a decision is made. Retake of creative exams is not allowed.
The tuition fee one academic year at KazGASA College is 450,000 KZT
Payment details for applicants entering college:
- Limited Liability Partnership
- 050043, Almaty,st  Ryskulbekov, 28
- BIN 010640001407
- In JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan"
- KZ426017131000000295 (KZT)
- KZ756018771001118611 (USD)
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