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Fashion design


Duration of training: 2 years 10 months
Tuition fees: 450 000 KZT
Form of training: full-time
Languages: Kazakh, Russian
KazGASA College trains personnel in the specialty "02120200 - Fashion Design" according to the following qualifications:
4S02120203 - Fashion Designer
3W02120201 - Performer of technical and artistic sketches

4S02120203 - Fashion Designer

During the training, students in this direction will learn how to use modern trends, carry out technological preparation of garments, apply the methodology of clothing construction, take into account the peculiarities of the structure of clothing, choose rational techniques when performing excises, decorating garments and much more.

Specialists in this field are engaged in the design and construction of clothing.

Graduates specialize in the design and execution of works in the design of architectural fragments, expositions, interiors, production and household items, visual communication, advertising. Preparation for work at creative design enterprises corresponding to the specialties.

Designers have the opportunity to take part in various competitions, fashion weeks and work as a costume designer, a fashion designer in production, as well as organize their own business.
To enroll in the specialty "Fashion Design" at KazGASA College, it is necessary to pass creative exams.

3W02120201 - Performer of technical and artistic sketches

The performer of technical and artistic sketches creates sketches under the guidance of an artist or designer. The specialty may be interesting to people who are interested in creating new images and want to create.

During their studies, students will master the following knowledge:
principles of construction of simple geometric fonts, font compositions and pictorial font compositions;
rules of technical safety when performing sketches;
properties and purposes of various working tools, housing and chemical materials used in the work.
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