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Graphic and multimedia design


Duration of training: 2 years 10 months
Tuition fees: 450 000 KZT
Form of training: full - time
Languages: Kazakh, Russian
KazGASA College trains specialists in the direction "02110300 - Graphic and multimedia design" with the qualification of graphic designer.

During the training, students will gain general knowledge in this area, in-depth study of the objects of professional activity - the exteriors and interiors of residential and other premises of buildings and structures.

Graduates will be able to carry out the following types of professional activities:
survey and design engineering;
production-technological and production-management;
experimental research.

Upon completion of the training, specialists will be able to perform the following functions:
development of design projects of products and complexes;
to select and analyze the technical information necessary at the stages of creating the project design;
to carry out spatial and graphic design, detailing of product shapes;
develop technical documentation for the designed product.

To enroll in the specialty "Graphic and Multimedia Design" at KazGASA College, you must pass creative exams.
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