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Psychological support

The psychological service is designed to maintain a positive psychological attitude among students and the teaching staff. To do this, diagnostic methods are used, in the form of tests and questionnaires, face-to-face and non-face (remote) consultations, where a range of topics of educational and professional direction, interpersonal relationships, etc. are discussed.

The moral climate has a significant impact on the motivation of students to study. In this regard, the satisfaction of students and staff with the psychological atmosphere is constantly monitored. The factors preventing the maintenance of a harmonious environment are identified, and then the necessary measures are applied.

Helplines were created to enable students to openly share their experiences, to give an understanding that they are not alone in the current situation and can count on support and attention.
In this sense, the psychologist adjusts to the frequency of a person's thoughts, way of thinking, his personal vision of the situation, and helps to expand the understanding of this situation. And brings him to this knowledge gradually and consciously.
As it often happens, a person turning to a psychologist is looking for an attentive listener, and is very rarely ready to learn and set up for internal work. But any changes are certainly an effort of character. Working with a psychologist should not turn into a search for peace of mind, but rather, on the contrary, it is designed to lead away from this calmness, and ignite natural energy and strength to move forward.

The profession of a psychologist for everyone is colored by personal associations and a subjective understanding of his activities. However, it is important to understand that a real specialist is not always a kind listener, but rather an observant interlocutor who can point out the peculiarities of your personality and characteristic patterns of behavior. For the party who applied to achieve the result, the only condition is the ability to trust the psychologist, the willingness to hear and the mood for dialogue.
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